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~ Alone ~
Saturday, April 2, 2011 | 2:46 AM | 1 Harimau Comel
Being alone is interesting.. ~

You can enjoy yourself, while having fun with you friends too.. ~
You could do anything you want.. ~
You can go wherever and whenever you like.. ~

But being alone also sad.. ~

You sit all alone, doing nothing but to look at those who got their partner.. ~
You watch your friends closer to each other.. ~
You even see your friends and your surroundings, and some of them so happy, and have their own kids.. ~

Oh life is interesting.. ~

Some of them could be considered as friends.. ~
And some are not.. ~
Some could become close.. ~
While others could be foes.. ~

So, should i just be alone..? ~

Should i just..? ~

Should i..? ~

I just don't have a clue.. ~

Please.. Guide me.. Someone.. Anyone.. ~

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