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Monday, January 17, 2011 | 4:36 PM | 2 Harimau Comel
Its been awhile since i last updated my blog.. So here we go..~

I have to say, its a great place to be in UniKL MIIT.. Its interesting though because its in the city center, which is good for me because all the things i need is everywhere..~

The first 2 weeks was really tiring.. Lots of things to be done, i have to drive back and forth (did i spell that right?? nvm.. hehe..) to PTPTN and also back to campus just to finish up my application on MARA loan.~

Thank god I could finish it in time, but a few classes had to skipped just to finish all this things.. I'm so sorry for not entering the 1st class.. I didn't mean to do it but i had to do in order to finish all my things with PTPTN and finance department..~

The hostel is quite nice.. Comfortable for me, but i don't know about others.. Lots of friendly peoples, and that's what i like.. At night, most of us played futsal until 12am.. And the best thing of all, we played with the seniors.~

Well.. I do like the way they implement the teaching.. Now its the students turn to find our own things to study.. But the lecture still monitored our work and if we're wrong, they will correct us..~

About my relationship.. Let's not talk about it.. Since lots of people keep asking the same question to me.. My answer to ya'll is.. "No comment.." ;)) Thank you.. And thx for reading my blog.. Until next time ^^~

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