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Pain and more pain..haiz..
Saturday, November 7, 2009 | 1:02 AM | 0 Harimau Comel
Today, during basketball training, i hurt myself again..

And this time, 2 fingers feel pain and numb a bit.. its not broken, mayb because of the ball hit hard..

But it feels so painful right now..and i can barely even squeeze my hands hard.

But anyhow..injury do happen during training right? Beside, i still haven't fully recovered from the previous accident..but ahh who cares..

Today (saturday), me and other friends will start our second MUET tests involving writing, reading and listening... God i'm afraid of listening..Reading i think i could do well..same goes to writing.. But i'm hoping that i could do well for listening..

Wish me luck guys/gurls!~

Well, a friend of my from a game waited for me to on9..hehe.. i'm sorry i came late.. but she does seems a bit different from b4..hopefully there's nothing wrong.. Hey, remember..share with me if u want kay?? :P

And by the time we start chatting, then i have to do something.. Argh.. Sorry again for not talking to you..

Owh well.. I feel tired now.. And wish me luck again!~

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