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Intro (RE Part 1)
Friday, December 5, 2008 | 1:48 AM | 2 Harimau Comel
The small city is starting to get busy at noon as people started to get out from their office at lunch time. It also the time where the streets started to packed with lots of ongoing cars, buzzing through the streets of Nuhilmburg, Germany. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and best day to hang out with friends, but it turns out that particular day, something would started to turn from nice to worse. The city, once funded by Umbrella Inc., one of the leading pharmaceutical medicine supplier in the world, that now has been freeze its economic because of the dangerous biological weapons and vital viruses created by the company, making the company completely shut down and the scientists of the company was captured for interrogation.

Somewhere around the city lays Ryan Smith from New York US, 18 years old student of Xulenson International College, majoring in Civil law. The time is half past 1 saturday afternoon, and he is about to meet other friends at the mall, 5 minutes walk from the hostel provided by the college. The highest building in the city is only 69 stories and is carefully design based on European architecture, which is very unique and lovely sight to the visitor who visit the city. As he get closer to the mall, he made a quick pit-stop at a shop near by to buy soft drink. Once inside, he quickly gazed through the soft drink section, try to figure which one he should buy.

(To be continue..)

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