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Have mercy on me...Please God...
Saturday, December 27, 2008 | 11:58 PM | 0 Harimau Comel
Its been awhile since i last time done my blog..
And its the only way to reduce my stress..
Because i could write anything and everything i want..

But right now.. My emotional's not very stable.. He's done it again..
He send me a short text msg..
And it really hurts me..

What the hell IS going on with him???
And why doesn't he realize who is right and whose wrong??!


He still dont even know the real story..

AND he still accused me of BETRAYED his SO-CALLED 'Friendship'..
But he DIDNT even come to me and ask the truth...

I'm still waiting for him to talk with me.. Ask me..
But instead, he still sent me text msg through phone..
And never really wanted to meet and talk to me..

The other day, he was sat with me and a friend of mine..

He shakes my friend's hand but not me..
Not even say hi too..

What have i done until i deserve this..

He still thinks that i'm involved with the messed up..
But i haven't got any clue what's going on..

I really dont know..


I just hate it..

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