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1998, 2 months after the Raccoon City incident…

"This is far from over Chris. Until we meet again. Next time, I won't let you live…" explained Wesker, closing his injured face with his right hand. They've battled out hard, bloods everywhere, but because Chris is just like ordinary human, he's injury is far beyond the greatness of Wesker's genetic mutated form, even though he release the hard steel that hangs at Wesker's position, Wesker just felt dizzy but Chris had a broken ribs and some small wounds.

"Next time, Wesker… Next time…," said Chris softly, running back towards the hangar; while the building started to fall apart. He looked around, trying to figure out which way he went just before he met his sister. 'Yawn! Moannn' the familiar voices could be heard. "Damn! I shouldn't drop all my guns away…"

"Chris! Be quick, damn it!" Claire sat restlessly, as the hanger started to shake, she heard small explosions not far from her. She looked at the elevator, no movement yet, her heart started to pounded so fast, she could hear it. "Warning, self destruct mechanism activated. All personnel evacuate immediately." An auto-announcer, soft voice could be heard all around the base, Chris must've notice that the base is going to blow up into dust! Claire stared at the elevator again, noticing that her brother isn't going to come back to her. She then turned away, entering the cockpit, fumbling for the switch, and decided that she just wait for a few minutes more.

"Damn, I could've killed him when I got a chance. He develops his skill so quickly after the incident at the mansion. I must congratulate him, in my own way of course… Now that I have Steve on my hand, and since he carries the T-Veronica virus along, I will use it for the fullest! How stupid is Alexia…" Wesker mumbles alone, making his way towards the submarine and then just vanished. He's only mission was to retrieve the T-Veronica virus but was tangled up with the brother-sister of the Redfield's. With Chris that is more stronger than his previous skills and Claire with more mature way's of handling the situations, his next mission would be hard on him if they're meet again.

"Damn it!!! Get the hell out of my way, scumbags!" yelled Chris, ramming towards the pack of zombies. Some of them tried to grab him, and thorn the STARS T-shirt he wears, but nevertheless, he just ignored them and headed towards the elevator. The place seemed like a puzzle, each place he had gone through looked the same. Chris started to panic, he tried to remember where or which is the correct one but the next thing he knew he saw the elevator, not far from his position. He looked behind, the undead started catching up, leaving him no choice but the hussle back to the elevator. Suddenly, the wall behind him was blown to flames; he knew that was not the best time to slow his pace. Entering the elevator, he kept hitting the 'down' button until it firmly shut and slowly moved to the lower ground.

'Boom!!!' Another explosion could be heard and this time, the door which is shut at the 4th floor fell apart and letting a huge fire came through the elevator shaft. He's now became more restless as the fire was so near, and he needed to take another lift to go far below, and that's the hangar. "Just a few more floors to go… Come on!!!" He looked at the monitor floor screen, just one more floor and he was about jump into the next elevator.

'Ting!' The elevator stopped at the lower ground floor, the door slowly opened and he quickly jumped while trying to hit the 'B3' floor but failed to do so and fumbled down the elevator floor. He ignored the pain and quickly hit the button. Again, it slowly went down, staring at the watch, hoping that he had enough time to operate the Harrier Jet. "Just a few more…" He looked up, and saw a blazing fire going directly to him 'Ting!' He had reached the 'B3' floor as the door opened; he quickly ran and jumped, landed in front of the Harrier's fuel nose.

Claire looked surprised. She couldn't think of anything but to say, "What took you so long?" Chris just smiled at her, climbing inside the cockpit and started operating the Harrier. It then slowly hovered in the air and slowly leaves the destruction of the Umbrella Antarctic Base, owned by one of the foundation family of Ashford's. Claire moved nearer to Chris, slowly he spoke to him, "Chris, please promise me you'll never leave me behind alone." Chris then set to the auto-pilot, tried to explain to her, "No Claire. I can't do that, there's a lot of work to be done before that. We have to shut Umbrella, once and for all!" They then flow to the next destination which no one knows. And after the incident, the President of United States, United Nations and other non-government movement freeze the economic of Umbrella Inc. and stormed all the base including the secret base, destroying all the documents and samples, as well as the experiments that's been conduct, and also captured all scientist and sentence either death penalty or the hard punishment.

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