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Friday, November 28, 2008 | 3:39 AM | 0 Harimau Comel
I remember back then..

When the car hit me and knock me out conciousness (did i spell that rite?).. It was then i realize, such a short life we had.. Am i just going to lay down with my own pool of blood, waiting slowly as my sight slowly fades away.. Am i going to die at this moment?

I know it sounds as simple as that, but the moment you experience it.. Your hearts start to beat fast... And you started seeing your past... God i was afraid... I really am... Did i done anything nice? Am i having alot of sins? All sorts of things comes back to haunt me...

Things are different right now.. And i think i've lost my previous 'self'.. I found it weird standing here right now, thinking.. Am i going to be alright? Maybe it was a sign from God. And believe me, all those things happened has its own reasons.. Think about it...

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