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Sunday, November 23, 2008 | 7:11 PM | 0 Harimau Comel
One thing that makes the world a better place,
Or one who finds a things to chill out,
Even if there's conflict around the world,
But it can't be vanished, even though war is emerge.

The most powerful words of all,
Describing each thing and life,
Whenever we down and fall,
Remember that there must be a place like home.

The earth is so wonderful, that I can't hardly say,
The living things that can co-operate,
Never been led to bloodshed,
Nor the politicians that lead to destruction.

We shall not destroy the wonderful things in this life,
Protect it, live with it and keep it in heart,
That what we do is the only wonderful things we had.

*Please rate it... I dont know it it's good or not... Cos this is like my first poet i've wrote... :P*

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