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Is it good dying?? I dont think so..
Sunday, November 30, 2008 | 10:59 PM | 1 Harimau Comel
I was ticked off when a friend of mine started to talk about dying..

Is it that good to say such things?
I wonder.. Does it really feels good talking like that?
None of them know what it feels like..
Getting close to death..

I was there..

I felt what its like before..
And to tell you the truth.. I dont like it..

I dont like it at all..

Sitting all alone.. Dark.. None seems to be around you..
If you think dying is better than living..

Than i guess you're a fool..

Dont think like that..

We have to chearish the life we had right now..
Because when you're going to die.. You'll soon thought to yourself..
What you have left out..

So please.. Dont EVER think like that.. Enjoy while you still can..

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